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Taxi Coupons .

Taxi Coupons

Flexible Taxi Coupons.

We at Buffalo Express Taxi are pleased to provide you with excellent local taxi service. If your experience differs in any way for any reason, call us at 716-333-1819.

The driver has a license from the City of Buffalo Taxi Cab Services Department of Transportation, which is renewed in accordance with the city’s rules and regulations, and the business is registered with the Erie County Clerk’s office.

Our first priority is making sure that everyone is secure. Ad hoc quality checks are carried out by Buffalo Express Taxi Airport Taxi Buffalo NY to guarantee proper delivery of the taxi service and to provide reasonable local and airport taxi prices.

For taxi service in Buffalo, call us right away.


Senior citizens receive a 10% discount from us. Please let the driver know or show them a screenshot.


10% is complimentary for military personnel. I appreciate your service. Please let the driver know or show them a screenshot.


For the protection of the neighborhood, we are giving our police colleagues 10%. I’m grateful. Please let the driver know or show them a screenshot.

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10% Military Discount on any ride!

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Our Express taxi coupons can be used for any type of daily taxi transportation service offered by our business, including

Non-emergency medical visits, dialysis treatments, outpatient surgeries, and hospital check-outs are all considered medical visits.

SOCIAL VISIT – A great option for moving a child, a friend, or a relative. Our expertly experienced drivers will transport them there safely and without any difficulties.

OUT OF TOWN RIDE – When you head out for amusement in the city, let us handle the driving. Your designated driver should be us.

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SHOPPING CENTERS – Dealing with parking issues can make shopping a bad experience. When you’re going to the mall or a shopping center, let us transport you in luxury and convenience.

GROCERY SHOPPING – Let us take you to your destination safely and comfortably, and we’ll even help you pack the goods on the way back.

VISITING TOURS – We provide visiting tours. Make your next trip unique by giving us a call.
Want to save more on your subsequent airport ride and receive more Buffalo Airport Taxi discounts? No worries, you can obtain additional vouchers from our business partner.

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