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South Buffalo Taxi Service Customers' Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do.

Beginning on April 1, 2022, fully immunized visitors entering Canada by land, air, or water will no longer require pre-entry testing. You must still utilize ArriveCAN within 72 hours of arriving in Canada.

Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated children 5 years of age and older must present a valid pre-entry test result, even if they are accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult.

Regardless of their level of immunization, children under the age of five do not need to be tested.

You will only be charged $95 to go to Niagara Falls in Canada. NO OTHER SECRET FEES and only $80 for the USA side.

It takes around 15 minutes and costs about $30 USD to go 9.5 miles from Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Genesee Street, Cheektowaga, NY, to Buffalo Downtown.

Sure, we do. We have extensive expertise moving clients across Canada.

Depending on the security check at the Canadian border, the trip from Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Genesee Street, Cheektowaga, NY, to Fort Erie, ON, Canada is 18.5 miles long and takes around 26 minutes. It costs approximately $85 USD.

Any person from every nation who enters Canada by air, land, or sea must have a passport or an equivalent travel document as of June 2009. ( i.e. Green Card or NEXUS CARD). Click here for more information.

Yes, we accept all of the major credit cards, and if you’d like, we’ll provide you an immediate receipt.

If you have a coupon for our airport taxi, you may use it.

We do, in fact, accept monthly contracts. Call us, and we’ll work with you to set up a monthly contract that charges you either weekly or monthly, depending on which option is best for you or your business.

To ensure your taxi reservation, we advise booking your ride three to four hours in advance of your pick-up time. To guarantee 100% taxi availability, you can also book the cab a week or two in advance.

No, we only charge when a customer boards one of our taxis.

We don’t charge for waiting times longer than 15 minutes. That distinguishes and distinguishes us from other Buffalo businesses. However, the actual cost was $30 for a 30-minute wait.

Yes, you can cancel it at any moment, but it will be simpler for us if you do so by calling us in advance. If you cancel your cab reservation, we will fully reimburse you.

South Buffalo Taxi is committed to ensuring your safety while traveling, so we have complied with all pertinent CDC preventive recommendations in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. As a result of this dedication All of our drivers will be covered up at all times, and we just ask for your cooperation and support. Additionally, we have given our drivers disinfectants to help them clean the vehicles after each taxi ride. Our taxi driver will clean the door handles, passenger seats, floor mats, and any other surfaces that have come into contact with people after each customer drop-off. Please be aware that for your safety as well as theirs, our taxi drivers are required to adhere to social distance. ​

You will only be charged USD 330 to Toronto, Canada. NO OTHER SURPRISE FEES, and just $330.

Sure, we do. Simply give us a call or make a reservation online to receive confirmation.

We deliver clients to the location of their choice. If you have a hotel reservation, we will drop you off there; if not, we will drop you off anywhere you like.

No, we just charge one person. We have a PER CAR fee. We charge per VAN if you select a VAN that is the same price.

Yes, you can use a credit card to make an advance payment.

The cost will vary depending on the volume of traffic and the number of stops you make, but you may use this straightforward formula to determine the taxi fare: (MILES X 3) + 4 = Fare. For example, if your distance is 6 miles, multiply 6 by 3 and add 4 to the total to get 22. Accepting our FLAT RATE/FIXED RATE ensures that the cost won’t increase during periods of heavy traffic or at the Canadian border. It is also the cheapest and most dependable method to use our taxi service.

We do, in fact, take flat rates. We might agree to your flat-rate pricing suggestion. We are really sensible people.

Call 716-435-6338 and describe the items you left in our taxi. We may ask for identification for security reasons before handing you the lost and found items.

No, we don’t charge extra for pets; however, they must be confined to cages.

Yes we do. If you want to use our cab to travel outside of town, feel free to call us and ask about our lower rate. There are no distance restrictions for us.

Yes, we do employ, but we only do so for those who already own taxis. You offer the taxi, and we’ll give you a call or customers.

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